A Day at the Salon

WASHINGTON – The maverick John McCain met with enlightenment thinker Sarah Palin today at their weekly three-hour-long salon gathering. The topic? Whether or not President Obama is actually an American.

After discussing their own theories, they decided it would be best to consult the definitive work on the topic: Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly’s book, Barack Obama is not Actually an American – He is a Muslim, with foreword by conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh.

After staring at a picture of President Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate in the book for a good 20 minutes, they finally concluded he is, in fact, a Muslim.

“His middle name is ‘Hussein’ – of course he’s a Muslim. No American would actually name their kid ‘Hussein’ after what happened on 9/11. It doesn’t take a maverick like me to figure that out,” Senator McCain said.

Of course, he failed to realize that President Obama was actually born before 9/11, rather than after it.

Sarah Palin did not answer her phone when reached for comment, but we did get her voicemail. The message?

“I can see Russia from my backyard!”