The Economy and the School System

Someone who goes by the name of “Galatea”:

It really only takes one innovative person to have a huge impact on the economy. But what exactly is the problem: that not enough people are trying or have the mental capacity to do so? That we as a generation are too risk-averse, a characteristic compounded by a faltering economy?

Yes. We, as a generation, are too risk-averse. And you can’t fix that without looking at the school system.

The school system is at the root of the problem (and many others). Kids are taught from a very early age that failing is the absolute worst possible thing that could happen to anyone, anywhere, no matter what the circumstances are. They’re implicitly told that if they fail (don’t get an “A”), then they won’t succeed in life since they won’t get into the right college. 

That’s the complete opposite of what kids should be told. No one who has accomplished anything of any significance in their respective field didn’t fail at one point or another. We need to acknowledge that and teach accordingly if we want to succeed in the future.

The Economy and the School System