The iPhone 5 is Powered by a Custom Apple Core

Anand Shimpi:

However, just prior to the announcement I received some information pointing to a move away from the ARM Cortex A9 used in the A5. Given Apple’s reliance on fully licensed ARM cores in the past, the expected performance gains and unpublishable information that started all of this I concluded Apple’s A6 SoC likely featured two ARM Cortex A15 cores.

It turns out I was wrong. But pleasantly surprised.

The A6 is the first Apple SoC to use its own ARMv7 based processor design. The CPU core(s) aren’t based on a vanilla A9 or A15 design from ARM IP, but instead are something of Apple’s own creation.

This is ultimately more important than the iPhone 5 itself. The iPhone is the product most important to Apple’s bottom line, by far, and if Apple is ready to put a completely custom chip inside of it, then Apple’s management must have a ton of confidence in its chip-making team.

This is a huge move.

The iPhone 5 Is Powered By A Custom Apple Core