Blackberry ASP in Q1 2012

Less than an hour ago RIM reported earnings for their first fiscal quarter of 2012. 78% percent of their $4.9 billion in revenue came from the sale of hardware, which includes both Blackberrys and PlayBooks. This means RIM brought in $3.822 billion from hardware sales.

The PlayBook starts at $499 and RIM sold 500,000 of them. If you subtract PlayBook revenue from their total hardware sales (I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming an average selling price of $554, $50 less than the ASP of an iPad in Apple’s most recent quarter), RIM brought in $3.545 billion from 13.2 million Blackberry sales.

Last quarter the ASP of a Blackberry smartphone was $302.26. This quarter it’s $268.56. In 90 days the ASP of RIM’s biggest product went down by more than 11%.

Things aren’t looking good for RIM right now.