August 2016

Millennial App Usage

July 2016

Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Millennials

May 2016

Apple Pay and the Future of Wallets

February 2016

On Amazon’s Retail Strategy

January 2016

Italy, America, and the iPhone

May 2015

Google’s Android Wear Problem

April 2015

App Revenue and Customer Bases

Wallets, Business Models, and the Coming Bifurcation of Mobile Technology

February 2015

Profitable and Uncopyable

January 2015

TAG Heuer and the Future of the Luxury Watch Industry

December 2014


October 2014

“We Invest in a Lot of Things That Have Long Tentacles”

September 2014

More on ARM-Based Macs

August 2014

Why Apple Will Switch to ARM-Based Macs

July 2014

The Times They Are a-Changin’

June 2014

Why x64 Chips Will Never Be in iOS Devices

April 2014

Apple, Samsung, and Intel

Apple’s Deep Pockets: What $159 Billion Could Do

March 2014


Qualcomm Overtakes Apple with Eight-Core, 64-Bit Mobile Processor

January 2014

Why ARM Has the Upper Hand Over Intel

October 2013

Exclusive: Intel Opens Fabs to ARM Chips

Coffee Shop Surprise

September 2013

Step Away From the Phone!

War, What is It Good for?

August 2013

Apple Bought Embark

May 2013

Apple Sells 100 Million iPod touch Units

Apple’s Senate Testimony

Joe Nocera Does It Again

For U.S. Companies, Money ‘Offshore’ Means Manhattan

April 2013

Stock Analysts Tell All!

After Apple’s Rise, a Bruising Fall

The Media Doesn’t Own the Story Anymore

Intel Tries to Find a Foothold Beyond PCs

March 2013

How Samsung Became the World’s No. 1 Smartphone Maker

ARM Holdings CEO to Retire in July

LinkedIn Is Going to Buy Pulse

February 2013

The $160,000 Card Trick

This Is a Really Dumb Article

January 2013

Intel 4th-Quarter Earnings Are Sharply Lower

December 2012

Lieberman, Democrats Want Ban on Assault Weapons

“The Monetization Is at an Early Stage”

Lack of Distribution Is “Killing” Surface

Intel Wants to Cut the Power Consumption of Its Future Chips

November 2012

184 Seconds

Microsoft Prices Pro Version of Surface at $899

Ballmer: Windows Phone Sales Have Quadrupled

Intel CEO Paul Otellini to Retire in May

Dell’s Q3 Profit Dropped 47 Percent

Apple Said to Be Exploring Switch from Intel Chips for the Mac

October 2012

Apple, ARM, and Intel

The Des Moines Register’s Interview with President Obama

iPod touch Viewed as in Final Stage of Product Life Cycle

ARM Holdings Jumps After Strong 3Q Revenue

On the Role of Moderators in Presidential Debates

September 2012

Google’s Schmidt Says Up to Apple to Decide on Maps App

The iPhone 5 is Powered by a Custom Apple Core

Crazy Theory of the Day (I Won’t Ruin It for You)

August 2012

Why Mitt Romney Won’t Release His Tax Returns

July 2012

ARM Profit Tops Expectations

June 2012

Blackberry ASP Falls Almost 20 Percent

May 2012

Bill Clinton and the Financial Crisis of 2008

The War Between Data and Storytelling

How to End This Depression

April 2012

iPhone and iPad ASP Both Down

Why Anyone Should Care that Bill O’Reilly Calls Me a Communist

Obama Targets Speculators in Latest Gambit of Oil-Price Politics

Enron, Anyone?

Wells Fargo’s Prison Cash Cow

ARM Holdings to Drop 40 Percent in 2012, Shares Overvalued to Growth Prospects

One-Third of U.S. High School Students Now Own an iPhone

March 2012

Blackberry ASP Takes a Nosedive

RIM Begins Laying off High-Level Staff

IDC Predicts Apple Will Sell 318 Million iOS Devices in 2016

Harvard Schmarvard

Why You Should Buy Stock in ARM

Apple Could be Top Mobile Processor Maker by End of 2012

Apple Announces Plans to Initiate Dividend and Share Repurchase Program

Apple Stock Seen Hitting $718 on Sales of 60M iPads, 134M iPhones in 2012

Is Now the Time to Take Profits in Apple?

Five Tablets that Go Where the New iPad Doesn’t

AAPL Closes at Another All Time High

New Apple TV Sports Custom, Single-Core A5 Processor

Is Apple Still a Buy Before the iPad 3? (AAPL)

Apple Expected to Ship 40M ‘iPad 3,’ 25M iPad 2 Units in 2012 - Report

‘Significant’ iPad Update Expected to Drive Sales of 55 Million in 2012

February 2012

“Google is Becoming Totally Obnoxious!”

Mitt Romney’s Conservatism Called into Question After Using Basic Math

One RIM Every Two Days

Where are the WSJ’s Fact Checkers?

Apple to Take on Windows 8 with OS X Mountain Lion

Congress Sends Letter to Apple Over Path Debacle

Calling Captain Obvious

To Catch a Hypocrite

Sell Apple Shares at $475

January 2012

School Bans Fuzzy Boots Used to Hide Cell Phones

The Austerity Debacle

Apple Predicted to Sell up to 40M iPhones on China Mobile, China Telecom in 2013

I Was Wrong

Takeaways from Apple’s (Q4) 2011


Kodak Files for Bankruptcy Protection

RIM Is Still Screwed, Just in Case You Were Wondering

It Looks Like Apple Was the Number One PC Vendor in 2011

HP Can’t Match Apple’s Prices

This Is Weird

Time to Take Profits in Apple

A False Dichotomy

Verizon iPhone Sales More Than Doubled

Those Are Some Great Analysts

December 2011

The Six Words that Can Fix America

Will Apple Outsell Every Android Vendor Combined This Quarter?

RIM Is Screwed, Part Three

Blackberry ASP Is on the Rise

RIM Is Still in Trouble (Who Could Have Guessed?)

Putting It in Perspective

NYU Will Offer Classes on Occupy Wall Street Next Semester

The Economy and the School System

The Fourth Estate

“Until They’re Ready”

IDC Expects Windows 8 Tablet Sales Will Be “Disappointing”

RIM Is Screwed

November 2011

Math Has Become Politicized

Apple Could Become Leading Global PC Vendor in 2012

One in Ten Mobile Phone Owners Over 13 Have an iPhone

October 2011

Why We Unfortunately Need More Deficit Spending

HP Is Keeping Its PC Division

ARM’s Profit Doubles

An Incredible Statistic

Apple’s Fourth Fiscal Quarter by the Numbers

Apple Sells 4 Million iPhone 4S’s

“Dead in the Water”

Rest in Peace, Steve

September 2011

Democrats Suck at Politics

The Decline of Blackberry ASP

Where Do Analysts Get Their Numbers?

The Republican Strategy

Best Buy Slashes up to $150 Off of BlackBerry PlayBook


August 2011

Apple Accuses Motorola, Samsung of Monopolizing Markets with Patents

But Not This One!

An Analyst Got It Right!

Apple Without Jobs Gives Cook $28B to Deal

Apple Is in Good Hands

The Corporation

Well That’s Funny

HP Is Exiting the PC Business

Buy an HDTV and Get a Free Galaxy Tab!

Apple Releases OS X 10.7.1

Apple Hikes 2H11 iPhone Orders to Over 56 Million Units

Sprint Won’t Sell the Playbook

Nouriel Roubini on the Economy

Apple Gives Intel a Wake-Up Call

How America Turned Poverty into a Crime

Apple’s Unique Approach to Wall Street

RIM Still Hasn’t Learned

Another Day, Another Number Pulled out of Nowhere

Apple Is the Second Largest PC Maker in the World

Another Reason for Apple to Switch to ARM Chips as Soon as Possible

Analyst Thinks Apple's ARM Transition Will Last 3-4 Years

Robert X. Cringely on Apple's Cash

Obama Admin Asserts State Secrets Privilege to Dismiss Muslims’ Suit

July 2011

iPad: 100 Million Sold by Mid-2012?

The Rest of 2011

Apple’s P/E Ratio

RIM Lays Off 10% of Its Workforce

Why Apple's Success Isn’t Spreading

AT&T Didn't Sell More iPhones than Verizon

iPad and the Opportunity Ahead

Apple's Third Fiscal Quarter by the Numbers

Apple to Axe the White MacBook?

Tablets: PC or Post-PC?

RIM to Discontinue WiFi PlayBook?

Apple's Cash Hoard

Analyst Ups His iPhone Sales Estimate to 77.3 Million

Forget 2012 — Apple Could Be the World's Biggest PC Manufacturer This Year

June 2011

What Is Charlie Wolf Smoking?

A Consequence of Losing the PC Wars

A Hidden World, Growing Beyond Control

Blackberry ASP in Q1 2012


Apple: the World’s Largest Buyer of Semiconductors

iCloud Speculation

May 2011

Torching the Obstacles

Apple's Post-PC Strategy

Missing the Point

April 2011

Another Way of Looking at iPhone Sales

2011 iPhone Sales

A Matter of Time

Executive Poaching

March 2011

Intel Is Dead

Blackberry ASP in Q4 2011

2011's Number 1 PC Manufacturer

100 Million

Apple and ARM, Sitting in a Tree

A Day at the Salon