The Six Words that Can Fix America

Wages are at an all time low while corporate profits are at an all time high. Big businesses continue to ship jobs overseas while unemployment is at 8.6 percent. The median net worth of a congressman has more than doubled since 1984 while it has dropped for the average American.

Our government used to work for the middle class. Not anymore.

Even if you make 100 times the median income (i.e. if you’re a member of the one percent), you’re not spending 100 times what the average person does. It’s the middle class, the largest portion of society, that buys most of the goods and services in the economy. And since spending leads to jobs, a well-off middle class benefits everyone.

So, considering the fact that everyone does well when the middle class flourishes, all of our elected officials need to ask themselves a simple question before voting yes or no on a bill.

Will this benefit the middle class?

If it does, vote yes. If it doesn’t, vote no. It’s really simple.